How can Thought Masters help me?

Of the many services that we provide at Disaster Masters®header, the one that we receive most questions on, from both clients and professionals, is Thought Masters.

Thought Masters specializes in teaching highly intelligent people how to undo years of stinking thinking, which delivers unwanted outcomes.

This type of thinking is the root cause of anxiety, depression and other mental maladies.

In the real world there are no super people who can do two projects simultaneously. It’s one or the other, never both. We know that what you think about is probably doable, provided you have devoted the time and place to implement your thoughts into viable action plans.

Over achievers, perfectionists, great thinkers, idealists, Mensa members and a myriad of others have simultaneous ideas in their head, but rarely are able to carry out those thoughts to completion due to the way they THINK.

You start all sorts of projects that never seem to get finished because another great idea comes up and takes precedence over the current project. These unfinished projects are rarely put away or trashed but left sitting where they become a constant reminder of a failed effort.

When it gets to be overwhelming psychiatric or medical help is frequently sought and more often than not the diagnosis is often referred to as ADD, ADHD, OCD’s, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other very hard to define maladies.

Paper, products, crafts, parts, tools, equipment, books, magazines, clothing, ephemera, even food is abandoned where it was last put to rest in order to move on to the next “project”.

You think the solution is to buy a book or two on clutter management. These end up on the pile too, and create more clutter. Boxes, containers, shelves to store stuff end up as more clutter.

A cluttered mind creates a cluttered home, office, relationships, and a stressful life laden with anxiety and what the psychiatric community would like you to believe is that it is an illness or emotional malady.

Humans create their reality by thinking about it in an individualized and global manner. A tiny shift in your thoughts or your perception will induce a totally different way of experiencing your world and controlling your wants and needs.

Thought Masters do not offer pills, shock treatments or endless wasted years of therapy, in remedying this situation. Thought Masters offer solutions.

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How can Disaster Masters help me?

Disaster Masters founder, Ron Alford, explains how Disaster Masters can help hoarders and who can benefit from Disaster Masters’ services?

Disaster Masters has been coaching hoarders and disposophobics on how to lead clutter free lives, from their offices in New York and in Florida, for over 35 years.

If you have a problem with hoarding or disposophobia, shouldn’t you make the decision to start your new life today? Give Ron a call at 1-800-ThePlan or contact him below, for immediate solutions.

The Worst Kitchens in New York City

Disaster Masters founder Ron Alford, takes you through some of the filthiest kitchens that you will find in homes in New York City.

During their work, Ron and the Disaster Masters team come across all kinds of vermin. Beware, this video is not for those with weak stomachs.

If you, a loved one, client or colleague need assistance with a hoarding, syllogomania or Disposophobia situation, please contact Ron at 1-800-ThePlan, or send him an email at, for immediate solutions.

What is Shop & Drop?

In footage taken on a recent project in NYC, Disaster Masters founder Ron Alford, discusses the phenomenon that is shop & drop.

This project was the worst case of shop & drop, that Ron has seen in 35 years of working with those suffering from hoarding and disposophobia.

If you, a loved one, client or colleague need assistance with a hoarding, syllogomania or Disposophobia situation, please contact Ron at 1-800-ThePlan, or send him an email at, for immediate solutions.

Disposophobia follows you from the home

Disaster Masters founder, Ron Alford, examines a client’s car and discusses how if one is a hoarder/ disposophopic at home, they are likely to display those characteristics outside the home also.

If you, a loved one, client or colleague need assistance with a hoarding, syllogomania or Disposophobia situation, please contact Disaster Masters national office at 1-800-ThePlan, or send us an email at, for immediate solutions.

Hoarding vs. Disposophobia (dis-pos-o-fo-bia)

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Disposophobia (dis-pos-o-fo-bia) is the fear of getting rid of stuff. Disposophobia is a human condition and is present in all of us to a certain extent. For example, not many of us would toss out our money, keys or cell phone. We have rational fears and irrational fears of parting with certain items. On one side of the spectrum, there are those who are referred to as hoarders; on the opposite side of the spectrum there are the minimalists. The irrational fear prevents discarding in general or prevents saving in general. What is irrational and rational is purely subjective!

What is not subjective however, is that there is a mix of rational and irrational fears associated with a lack of motivation, interest, and/or time management issues, which will create a condition in which clutter will most definitely accumulate. The environment of someone who clutters may resemble the environment of a hoarder, but in fact they have few if any irrational fears parting with things. The term “Disposophobia” describes the entire spectrum of these rational and irrational fears pertaining as it pertains to our ability to get rid of stuff.

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Is Multi-tasking Making you a Hoarder?

You are a busy professional with a lot to do.It’s 7:45am on a Monday morning, and you are on your way to work. You are looking for your car keys, when you find the magazine that came in the mail last week that you wanted to read beside the couch. You also find an unwashed wine glass from when you were watching T.V. last night. You pick up the magazine, and the glass. You are headed into the kitchen, and you notice that you left the milk on the table after breakfast. You place the magazine & wine glass on the table, and put the milk in the refrigerator. When you are at the fridge, you remember that the remote control for the T.V. needs new batteries, so you take your bag of semi-used batteries out of the freezer, and put them on the table.

Damn’, it’s almost 8:00am, and you still haven’t found your car keys. You dump out the contents of your purse on the table to locate the keys.  Receipt from dinner last Tuesday…don’t need that, leave it on the table. Memory stick with information you wanted to check out at home, leave that on the table. Brochure from the open house you went to yesterday…leave that on the table too.

Finally, you find your keys on the bottom of your bag. Run out the door, grab your coat & you accidentally knock over the coat rack. You can pick up that mess, and clean off the table when you get home.

You get stuck in the office until 7, completing a project that Melissa in HR was supposed to do last week. After the usual disaster of a commute, you arrive home just before 8:30. You just manage to make it in the door, with the coat rack on the floor, but you want to check your mail first. Bill, bill, pre-approved credit card application, bill, oh a new issue of Rolling Stone. Better leave all those on the coffee table, to check out when you are having dinner.

Dinner. Gosh, you are starving. You go into the kitchen, side-stepping all the mini-disasters you left for yourself this morning. You can’t even think of having to cook now. Take out the stack of menus in the drawer beside where the cutlery lives. There are 20-something menus in here, but as usual, it always comes down to the Mexican place, or Chinese. You really need to sort out that stack of menus. That pizza place is closed, and you have 3 menus for that one place. No time for that now. You need to order your food. You leave the menus on the table (beside the magazine, wine glass, bag of batteries, and the contents of your purse).

You order your food, and throw yourself on the couch. What a day! You need to get some things accomplished tonight, but you are jaded. Dinner arrives, you sit down & enjoy your libations in front of the T.V. Chores can wait until tomorrow. You put the garbage from dinner back in the bag it came in, and leave it on the coffee table. Your glass, and cutlery… Your bed is calling. You can get to that tomorrow

That’s how it starts. Everyday it builds.

Clutter can accumulate so fast in your home, and there are not enough hours in the day to take care of it all.

We are all programmed to run around so much nowadays, and have so much to get accomplished in such a short time frame. The only way to get things done is by multi-tasking, right? Wrong. If you are unable to manage multi-tasking effectively, it is not long before you have generated chronic amounts of clutter in your home. The only way to effectively cure this is to change your thinking. That’s where we can help.

Ron Alford had effectively unburied 1,000’s of Disposophobics, and so called hoarders from years of abuse and neglect throughout his career. Author, lecturer, instructor, Ron Alford goes beyond the realm of the “Coach” into the world of the “Personal Consultant.” Action is his motto, results are his resume’.

Ron has appeared on over 400 national and international radio and television programs. You may have seen him in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Good Housekeeping, Elle Magazine, Social Work Today, and dozens more magazines, newspapers as well as TV programs, on channels such as The Discovery Channel, USA, BBC, MSNBC, NHK, Germany PBS, Good Morning America, The Early Show On NBC and many, many more.

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