Are you a bibliophile or are you a hoarder?

We all love books, but it is impossible to read them all. Some of our clients, including many academics, would have rathered to face the wrath of their landlord or housing cooperative, instead of throwing out one book.

The client in the video below was saved from eviction by Disaster Masters®, after they contacted us to use our disposophobia services.

If you, a loved one, client or colleague are a bibliophile and need assistance with a hoarding, syllogomania or Disposophobia problem, please contact us at 1-800-ThePlan, or send us an email at for immediate solutions.

Hoarding vs. Disposophobia (dis-pos-o-fo-bia)

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Disposophobia (dis-pos-o-fo-bia) is the fear of getting rid of stuff. Disposophobia is a human condition and is present in all of us to a certain extent. For example, not many of us would toss out our money, keys or cell phone. We have rational fears and irrational fears of parting with certain items. On one side of the spectrum, there are those who are referred to as hoarders; on the opposite side of the spectrum there are the minimalists. The irrational fear prevents discarding in general or prevents saving in general. What is irrational and rational is purely subjective!

What is not subjective however, is that there is a mix of rational and irrational fears associated with a lack of motivation, interest, and/or time management issues, which will create a condition in which clutter will most definitely accumulate. The environment of someone who clutters may resemble the environment of a hoarder, but in fact they have few if any irrational fears parting with things. The term “Disposophobia” describes the entire spectrum of these rational and irrational fears pertaining as it pertains to our ability to get rid of stuff.

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