Organizing books need to be organized

Organizing books

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The image on the right was taken at a recent Disaster Masters project in Manhattan. The client had amassed several dozen books about organizing and getting rid of clutter, but all were just part of the mess that started at the front door and continued throughout the apartment. She had not read a single chapter in any of the books.

Like many others that are classed by the media as hoarders, she had time management and multi-tasking issues. The books became the problem, rather than helping her to find a solution.

The real way to solve this mess comes from within. The first step to freeing yourself from the strangling effects of too much stuff is to make the decision to call the Disaster Masters.

Our coaching and Life Transition Management services are rungs on the ladder in freeing you from the cluttered life that you have created for yourself.

If you, a loved one, client or colleague need assistance with a hoarding or Disposophobia problem, please contact us at 1-800-ThePlan, or email me at for immediate solutions.


Disaster Masters versus the trash haulers

Kitchen before Disaster Masters.

Kitchen before Disaster Masters.

When a client or loved one has a problem with hoarding and clutter, where do you turn to find a solution? Do you hire a garbage removal service, or do you call a Contents Management Specialist, like Disaster Masters®, that have been in the business of giving cluttered clients a new life for over 30 years? Will you use or recommend the right resource to solve their problem in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible?

Disaster Masters®

  • Our seasoned staff is educated. We know where to recover assets of all kinds. We recover and set aside for our clients, valuable treasures that have long been forgotten.
  • Our staff know how to find bills, envelopes with un-cashed checks, deeds, birth and death certificates, and much more.
  • Our Life Transition Management System™ has been helping to solve our client’s hoarding and clutter issues for 30 years. Our partnership is with each and every one of our clients.
  • Judges recommend us, attorneys praise us, social workers trust their charges into our care.
  • Disaster Masters® restore people’s lives.

Garbage removers

    • The more they haul away, the more money they make. They trash all items in the home – both good and bad.
    • Laborers do not know the difference between junk mail and a dividend check.
    • They sell your valuables at auctions.
    • They sell your valuables at flea markets.
    • It is little wonder that untrained day laborers and small moving companies simply throw everything away – they see it as garbage.
    • They get paid twice – when they haul it and when they sell it.
    • They haul trash.
Kitchen PA after DM

Kitchen after Disaster Masters.

When your patient or client is facing eviction…
When you don’t want to return someone in your care to squalid, unsanitary living conditions…
If someone in your care needs real solutions to restore their home…

Contact Disaster Masters at 1-800-ThePlan, or email us at for immediate solutions. We can move as quickly as is necessary to help you, those in your care or those whom you love.


IAQ Radio Show

Several years back, Disaster Masters founder Ron Alford was featured on the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Radio Show, where he discussed the finer points of Disposophobia and the people that the media terms as hoarders. Check out the radio interview here.

If you, a loved one, client or colleague need assistance with a hoarding or Disposophobia problem, please contact Disaster Masters at 1-800-ThePlan, or email us at for immediate solutions.

More like a hospital than a doctor

The list of unique services provided by Disaster Masters® and it’s entities are almost endless and more akin to a hospital, with many specialists, than a doctor.

Check out the links below for a list of our services. If you, a loved one, client or colleague need assistance from Disaster Masters®, please contact us at 1-800-ThePlan, or email us at for immediate solutions.

Disaster Masters Corporate site

Disaster Masters Corporate site

Disposophobia - The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff

Disposophobia – The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff

Estate Clearing Services

Estate Clearing Services

Moving Seniors from the Tri-State area to Florida

Moving Seniors from the Tri-State area to Florida

Let us Coach you through your problem with clutter

Let us Coach you through your problem with clutter

Learn the Facts about Hoarding

Learn the Facts about Hoarding

Hoarding Facts

With over 30 years in this business, the Disaster Masters® have learned a lot about the people that the media call “hoarders” and how best to coach them to living new and better lives that are free from clutter, both on the floor and in their heads. Some of the Hoarding Facts that we have found to be completely true are interesting, some are funny and yet more are tragic. Below, you will find a selection of Hoarding Facts. Please go to our Hoarding Facts website, for a full list of the Hoarding Facts and check back frequently for updates.

Hoarding Fact: We at Disaster Masters® have found that the majority of people that are referred to as “hoarders” are very smart, the vast majority being college educated, some with several degrees, and some are even members of MENSA.

Hoarding Fact: A “hoarder’s” worst nightmare is anyone who they think is going come into their property, take charge and remove all of their belongings.

Hoarding Fact: Old people who cannot physically take out the trash are NOT “hoarders”; they have simply ran out of gas.

Hoarding Fact: You are a “hoarder”. Go to Hoarding Facts to find out more information.

Kitchen PA before DM

Before Disaster Masters®

Kitchen PA after DM

After Disaster Masters®

A New York kind of Clutter Problem

Before and afterKetamine, first edition books published in the 19th century, handguns, a bus map for the 1964 World’s Fair, stock certificates, bedbugs, millions of dollars in un-cashed checks, and thousands of pounds of human/ cat/ dog/ roach/ and possum poop…

Ron Alford and his Disaster Masters team have come across quite a lot of things that are somehow invisible to most of us, yet very much an everyday factor of New York City living for many.

Ron is the director of Disaster Masters, a crisis-management firm that have been decluttering what the media term as hoarders for over 35 years. Alford refers to his clients as disposophobics. Disposophobia, a term coined by Alford, is as he describes it, “the fear of getting rid of stuff”. He and Disaster Masters have been featured on a host of media outlets, including BBC and MSNBC.

Disposophobia is a self-taught behavior that can be rectified,” says Alford. “It is not something that can be cured by mental health professionals, TV shows, organizers or relatives.”

Alford does not hold out much hope of a cure from the prescription drug companies either. “Drugs will not solve the problem either,” he adds. “These efforts do not work, and more often than not, therapy can make the situation worse”. Just like any person that over consumes, an alcoholic, an over-eater, or a smoker, a disposophobic cannot be cured by therapy, but can be cured if they ask for coaching, says Alford.“Coaching is about tomorrow. Therapy is about yesterday.”

The specifics for each individual job are as varied as the contents. Some jobs involve saving an elderly inhabitant from being turfed out by an apartment board that has had enough of their cluttered way of life. Many are jobs that have been assigned by social workers and hospital discharge planners, so that their patient can return to their home. Others are just people that realized by whatever means, that they have too much stuff and couldn’t keep living the way they have chosen.

The clients don’t fall into a specific category either. To name but a few, I have witnessed the overstuffed homes of librarians, social workers, doctors, nurses, district attorneys, police officers, fire fighters, psychiatrists, teachers and business executives. One noticeable similarity between clients however, is that they all appear to be of a higher than average intelligence level. Many of them hold multiple degrees, MAs and PhDs.

One of the problems, says Ron Alford, is multitasking. “If you are unable to manage multitasking effectively, it is not long before you have generated chronic amounts of clutter in your home,” he contends. “The only way to effectively cure this is to change your thinking.”

Discovering the trigger behind a client’s accumulating tendencies, while the Disaster Masters crew peels back the years of garbage, that can date the mess like rings on a tree stump, gives a rare insight into many of the cities most brilliant minds. Statics show that there are almost 6 hoarders on each of New York’s 72,000 city blocks. Ron Alford and his Disaster Masters crew have a lot of work to do.

If you have a problem with hoarding or clutter, call Ron today at 1-800-ThePlan.

Do you suffer from Disposophobia?

Disposophobia, what is that?

-The fear of getting rid of stuff.

-That sounds pretty intense. Is that like those people you see on those hoarding shows on TV?

-Yes & no. You & I are both disposophobic.

-What? No way. My house doesn’t look like that.

-Let’s try an experiment that proves my point, OK? Take out your wallet, and remove your credit cards.


-Now throw each & every one in the garbage can. While you are at it, take out your cash, and throw that in there too.

-What? No! Are you crazy?

-No, but this shows that you are a disposophobic. You have a fear of getting rid of your stuff. It is not as chronic as the people featured on those shows, but it’s like comparing an alcoholic, to a person who has an occasional drink. It’s a different level of addiction.

Since it was initially coined & trademarked by Ron Alford, founder of Disaster Masters, Inc. ®in 1995, the definition of disposophobia has been maligned by so called experts, but though it has some links with what we now call hoarding, Disposophobia is still defined as “The fear of getting rid of stuff”.

Disposophobia is an evaluation of a person that relates to their belongings. It is a thought process for every human that decides on the value of their possessions.  Disposophobia is an internal thought, by a human, with relationship to their possessions.

Disposophobia has gotten a lot more attention over the past few years in the media, and on TV shows, the original being the BBC show, featuring Disaster Masters, Inc. ®, “A life of Grime: New York”.  Disaster Masters, Inc. ® is America’s most experienced & oldest contents management organization that provides cost efficient solutions for people who suffer from Disposophobia. Having de-cluttered thousands of Disposophobics over the last 35 years, Disaster Masters, Inc. ®are the eminent experts in the field.

Disposophobia is not something that can be cured by either a mental health professional, or by a garbage removal service. Just like a mental health professional has never cured an alcoholic, they cannot cure a Disposophobic. The recovery comes when the subject decides that they no longer want to live that life.  Disaster Masters, Inc. ® provides the coaching to assist with this life change, and provides the expertise in sorting out the valuables from the clutter.

Disposophobia, simply put is a fear of disposing, or getting rid of, personal belongings, such as money, jewelry, or last week’s newspapers.

If you, or a friend, or family member suffer from chronic disposophobia, and you need help, check out our website, where you can learn a little more about Disposophobia, read about the services & expertise provided by Disaster Masters, Inc. ®, and see how we can help you.