Are you a bibliophile or are you a hoarder?

We all love books, but it is impossible to read them all. Some of our clients, including many academics, would have rathered to face the wrath of their landlord or housing cooperative, instead of throwing out one book.

The client in the video below was saved from eviction by Disaster Masters®, after they contacted us to use our disposophobia services.

If you, a loved one, client or colleague are a bibliophile and need assistance with a hoarding, syllogomania or Disposophobia problem, please contact us at 1-800-ThePlan, or send us an email at for immediate solutions.

Disaster Masters versus the trash haulers

Kitchen before Disaster Masters.

Kitchen before Disaster Masters.

When a client or loved one has a problem with hoarding and clutter, where do you turn to find a solution? Do you hire a garbage removal service, or do you call a Contents Management Specialist, like Disaster Masters®, that have been in the business of giving cluttered clients a new life for over 30 years? Will you use or recommend the right resource to solve their problem in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible?

Disaster Masters®

  • Our seasoned staff is educated. We know where to recover assets of all kinds. We recover and set aside for our clients, valuable treasures that have long been forgotten.
  • Our staff know how to find bills, envelopes with un-cashed checks, deeds, birth and death certificates, and much more.
  • Our Life Transition Management System™ has been helping to solve our client’s hoarding and clutter issues for 30 years. Our partnership is with each and every one of our clients.
  • Judges recommend us, attorneys praise us, social workers trust their charges into our care.
  • Disaster Masters® restore people’s lives.

Garbage removers

    • The more they haul away, the more money they make. They trash all items in the home – both good and bad.
    • Laborers do not know the difference between junk mail and a dividend check.
    • They sell your valuables at auctions.
    • They sell your valuables at flea markets.
    • It is little wonder that untrained day laborers and small moving companies simply throw everything away – they see it as garbage.
    • They get paid twice – when they haul it and when they sell it.
    • They haul trash.
Kitchen PA after DM

Kitchen after Disaster Masters.

When your patient or client is facing eviction…
When you don’t want to return someone in your care to squalid, unsanitary living conditions…
If someone in your care needs real solutions to restore their home…

Contact Disaster Masters at 1-800-ThePlan, or email us at for immediate solutions. We can move as quickly as is necessary to help you, those in your care or those whom you love.


Why You Shouldn’t Hang Up On Ron

Several years ago, a client wrote a really nice poem about the work we at Disaster Masters carried out on her home.


Why You Shouldn’t Hang Up On RonRon phone
I could feel my heart beating faster and faster
Is this the service called Disaster Masters?
My hands were shaky as I made that first call
It was not what I was expecting at all

A gruff voice answered, “How may I help you?”
My clutter is out of control and I don’t know what to do
Although the man sensed that I was afraid
He responded, “Why don’t you just hire a maid?”

I thought that I must have reached a wrong number
And was ready to hang up and return to my slumber
What legitimate business would answer in this fashion?
But in that tough voice I detected a note of compassion

I remained on the line and relayed my sad tale
An apartment overrun with trash and junk mail
The man listened carefully and began to probe
You sound like a classic “disposophobe”

I’d have to assess your situation with my own eyes
Don’t waste your dough on professionals who offer to organize
Forget those self help books, shrinks and talk show jerks
Just follow “The Plan” — it’s guaranteed to work

When Ron and Melissa first walked through my door
I almost died of embarrassment that’s for sure
“We’ve seen it all so get over your shame
It’s time to let go of self-loathing and blame”

I was finally ready to combat my fears
He was the first “guest” I’ve had over in 25 years!
I suppose it’s some form of obsessive-compulsive disorder
But was I a clutterer or was I a hoarder?

Melissa is “Numero Uno” on the Project Management team
She’s Ron’s polar opposite so it would seem
While Ron barks into the telephone
Melissa speaks in a honeyed tone

Whatever the reason for their mutual attraction
United this couple instantly springs into action
They assemble the perfect “Mission Impossible” crew
And begins to implement “The Plan” for you

More like a hospital than a doctor

The list of unique services provided by Disaster Masters® and it’s entities are almost endless and more akin to a hospital, with many specialists, than a doctor.

Check out the links below for a list of our services. If you, a loved one, client or colleague need assistance from Disaster Masters®, please contact us at 1-800-ThePlan, or email us at for immediate solutions.

Disaster Masters Corporate site

Disaster Masters Corporate site

Disposophobia - The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff

Disposophobia – The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff

Estate Clearing Services

Estate Clearing Services

Moving Seniors from the Tri-State area to Florida

Moving Seniors from the Tri-State area to Florida

Let us Coach you through your problem with clutter

Let us Coach you through your problem with clutter

Learn the Facts about Hoarding

Learn the Facts about Hoarding

Disaster Masters® – a documented history of success in contents restoration management

MSNBC were so impressed with the work carried out by DISASTER MASTERS®, that they featured us in a Caught on Camera documentary in 2013.

If you, a family member, a loved one, or a client have a problem with hoarding, call The Disaster Masters® at 1-800-ThePlan (843-7526) for immediate solutions or contact us below.

Help for Disposophobics & Hoarders starts here…

It is amazing how people on the Internet manage to hijack a good product or service and dilute it, ruining it for the people who really need these services. A great example is the recent interest in hoarding “reality shows” and their zeal in making mountains out of mole hills, spotlighting how certain people live. You have the “OH MY GOODNESS!” viewers, and you have the “At least…” viewers: the “OMG-ers” look at these shows and shriek, “OH MY GOODNESS, how can anyone live like this?!” and the “At least-ers” say, “Well, my house is a mess, but at least I’m not that bad off.”

The idea for these shows began back when MSNBC premiered a documentary about a New York company named DISASTER MASTERS®, founded in 1980. A crisis response company specializing in insurance repair for water, fire, and wind damage, they increasingly found themselves encountering people who lived with too much stuff. Normal people who just could not find a way to part with what they had, and many who felt compelled to have more. A good number of these people failed to realize that living in the same place for 10+ years while accumulating more and more simply doesn’t work.

Having managed over 13,000 insurance-related incidents from 1980-1989, Ron Alford, the founder of DISASTER MASTERS, took it upon himself to create a process that would reach out and help these people, whose lives became difficult for various reasons. Alford is inspired by Pacific Institute founder Lou Tice’s Broken Windows theory: when an area is perceived to be well taken care of, people will take better care of that area, According to Ron, “If the window goes on without being repaired, it will eventually become invisible to the person who lives there and sees it every day. The same applies to a garment tossed on top of the furniture, trash left on the floor, even groceries left in a bag that never finds its way to a kitchen, much less shelves on a pantry.”

Absent-minded shoppers go into store after store, day after day, not remembering what they came for and purchase duplicate items, from pasta to clothing, simply due to the fact that they don’t bother to make a shopping list before venturing out. People are also susceptible to seductive point of sale displays, reminding them to buy on-sale items, not thinking about whether or not they already have these items at home – or whether or not they even need them. People who live alone are even more likely to collect and store things, filling a hole in their lives.

Today, DISASTER MASTERS® is still helping these disposophobics – people with a fear of getting rid of their stuff – to take control, get rid of the clutter, and organize their lives. They don’t televise these stories, they don’t hold them up for public consumption and comment – the DISASTER MASTERS’ priority is to get people lives on track.

Do you know someone who could benefit from the DISASTER MASTERS’ help? Call 1-800-ThePlan (843-7526).

A word from Hoarding Expert, Ron Alford

Unlike single service providers, the DISASTER MASTERS® are more like a hospital than a doctor, in that we are self-contained and provide end-to-end services for our clients.

N before


We service people and their families who are not able or who fail to take care of themselves as time passes by. These folks end up with serious problems that require very special services to undo or recover them from their mess and to move them to a new and better life.

Having successfully completed 1,000’s of these projects since 1980, makes Disaster Masters® the ideal service provider to undertake these daunting tasks.

Knowing how to do these projects efficiently is everything and we can do things in a few days that most people take months to do on their own using single service providers.

About costs

We never quote prices over the phone as it is impossible to get it right. Until we know exactly what we need to do, any quote or number given will be wrong. Speaking about right and wrong – Clients never have a second chance to do it right the first time.

Failure, apologies or having a disappointed client is not acceptable to us and we would rather forgo clients who insist that we do the impossible “their way” before the work can begin. The right start provides a great finish. Anything short of that ends in failure.

What we do is to always make an onsite appraisal and documentation visit.  Once we clearly understand the scope, size and mission of the project and know what the outcome is to be, we are able to quote an exact cost in dollars and a time frame to start and complete any project.

N After


We never work by the hour since we know that this kind of relationship always ends on a sour note due to realistic expectations not being met.

We charge an appraisal fee to create a recovery plan much like a doctor charges for a complete physical exam.  In the 5 boroughs our appraisal fee is $250.00 paid at the time of the appraisal.  For areas beyond the 5 boroughs we are glad to quote on these assignments as well.

Below are a few links to things we have done over time as well as our current service offerings;

  • A magazine story regarding an adult child living with and abusing his mother, with his behavior.
  • And Me… The founder of Disaster Masters® & Disposophobia™, Ron Alford.

Got any questions, comments or suggestions?

Please feel free to email me, or call me at 212 724 9225, or for those outside NY, Call me at 1-800-ThePlan (843-7526).

Do you suffer from Disposophobia?

Disposophobia, what is that?

-The fear of getting rid of stuff.

-That sounds pretty intense. Is that like those people you see on those hoarding shows on TV?

-Yes & no. You & I are both disposophobic.

-What? No way. My house doesn’t look like that.

-Let’s try an experiment that proves my point, OK? Take out your wallet, and remove your credit cards.


-Now throw each & every one in the garbage can. While you are at it, take out your cash, and throw that in there too.

-What? No! Are you crazy?

-No, but this shows that you are a disposophobic. You have a fear of getting rid of your stuff. It is not as chronic as the people featured on those shows, but it’s like comparing an alcoholic, to a person who has an occasional drink. It’s a different level of addiction.

Since it was initially coined & trademarked by Ron Alford, founder of Disaster Masters, Inc. ®in 1995, the definition of disposophobia has been maligned by so called experts, but though it has some links with what we now call hoarding, Disposophobia is still defined as “The fear of getting rid of stuff”.

Disposophobia is an evaluation of a person that relates to their belongings. It is a thought process for every human that decides on the value of their possessions.  Disposophobia is an internal thought, by a human, with relationship to their possessions.

Disposophobia has gotten a lot more attention over the past few years in the media, and on TV shows, the original being the BBC show, featuring Disaster Masters, Inc. ®, “A life of Grime: New York”.  Disaster Masters, Inc. ® is America’s most experienced & oldest contents management organization that provides cost efficient solutions for people who suffer from Disposophobia. Having de-cluttered thousands of Disposophobics over the last 35 years, Disaster Masters, Inc. ®are the eminent experts in the field.

Disposophobia is not something that can be cured by either a mental health professional, or by a garbage removal service. Just like a mental health professional has never cured an alcoholic, they cannot cure a Disposophobic. The recovery comes when the subject decides that they no longer want to live that life.  Disaster Masters, Inc. ® provides the coaching to assist with this life change, and provides the expertise in sorting out the valuables from the clutter.

Disposophobia, simply put is a fear of disposing, or getting rid of, personal belongings, such as money, jewelry, or last week’s newspapers.

If you, or a friend, or family member suffer from chronic disposophobia, and you need help, check out our website, where you can learn a little more about Disposophobia, read about the services & expertise provided by Disaster Masters, Inc. ®, and see how we can help you.