Do you suffer from Disposophobia?

-Disposophobia, what is that? Christmas

-The fear of getting rid of stuff.

-That sounds pretty intense. Is that like those people you see on those hoarding shows on TV?

-Not quite. You & I are both disposophobic.

-What? No way. My house doesn’t look like those houses.

-Let’s try an experiment that proves my point, OK? Take out your wallet, and remove your credit cards.


-Now throw them all in the garbage. While you are at it, take out your cash, and throw that in there too.

-What? No! Are you crazy?

-No, but this shows that you are a disposophobic. You have a fear of getting rid of your stuff.

Disposophobia, simply put, is a fear of getting rid of stuff, regardless of what the stuff is.

Disposophobia has gotten a lot more attention over the past few years in the media, and on TV shows, the original being the BBC show, “A Life of Grime: New York”, which featured the pioneering work of Disaster Masters.

Having de-cluttered thousands of Disposophobics over the last 35 years, Disaster Masters are America’s most experienced & oldest contents management organization, which provides solutions for people who suffer from Disposophobia. The levels of Disposophobia faced by Disaster Masters on a daily basis are more extreme, but the premise remains the same.

Disposophobia is not something that can be cured by either a mental health professional, or by a garbage removal service. Just like a mental health professional has never cured an alcoholic, they cannot cure a Disposophobic. The recovery comes when the subject decides that they no longer want to live that life. Disaster Masters provides the coaching to assist with this life change, and provides the expertise in sorting out the valuables from the clutter.

If you, a loved one, client or colleague need assistance with a hoarding, syllogomania or Disposophobia situation, please contact Disaster Masters national office at 1-800-ThePlan, or send us an email at, for immediate solutions.

Disaster Masters®, the pioneers in contents restoration management and hoarding.

In 2001, DISASTER MASTERS® was documented as the pioneer in the contents restoration management industry, when Ron Alford was featured on an MSNBC Captured documentary. That still holds true now.

If you, a family member, a loved one, or a client have a problem with hoarding, call The Disaster Masters® at 1-800-ThePlan (843-7526) for immediate solutions.