Hoarding Facts

With over 30 years in this business, the Disaster Masters® have learned a lot about the people that the media call “hoarders” and how best to coach them to living new and better lives that are free from clutter, both on the floor and in their heads. Some of the Hoarding Facts that we have found to be completely true are interesting, some are funny and yet more are tragic. Below, you will find a selection of Hoarding Facts. Please go to our Hoarding Facts website, for a full list of the Hoarding Facts and check back frequently for updates.

Hoarding Fact: We at Disaster Masters® have found that the majority of people that are referred to as “hoarders” are very smart, the vast majority being college educated, some with several degrees, and some are even members of MENSA.

Hoarding Fact: A “hoarder’s” worst nightmare is anyone who they think is going come into their property, take charge and remove all of their belongings.

Hoarding Fact: Old people who cannot physically take out the trash are NOT “hoarders”; they have simply ran out of gas.

Hoarding Fact: You are a “hoarder”. Go to Hoarding Facts to find out more information.

Kitchen PA before DM

Before Disaster Masters®

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