A word from Hoarding Expert, Ron Alford

Unlike single service providers, the DISASTER MASTERS® are more like a hospital than a doctor, in that we are self-contained and provide end-to-end services for our clients.

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We service people and their families who are not able or who fail to take care of themselves as time passes by. These folks end up with serious problems that require very special services to undo or recover them from their mess and to move them to a new and better life.

Having successfully completed 1,000’s of these projects since 1980, makes Disaster Masters® the ideal service provider to undertake these daunting tasks.

Knowing how to do these projects efficiently is everything and we can do things in a few days that most people take months to do on their own using single service providers.

About costs

We never quote prices over the phone as it is impossible to get it right. Until we know exactly what we need to do, any quote or number given will be wrong. Speaking about right and wrong – Clients never have a second chance to do it right the first time.

Failure, apologies or having a disappointed client is not acceptable to us and we would rather forgo clients who insist that we do the impossible “their way” before the work can begin. The right start provides a great finish. Anything short of that ends in failure.

What we do is to always make an onsite appraisal and documentation visit.  Once we clearly understand the scope, size and mission of the project and know what the outcome is to be, we are able to quote an exact cost in dollars and a time frame to start and complete any project.

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We never work by the hour since we know that this kind of relationship always ends on a sour note due to realistic expectations not being met.

We charge an appraisal fee to create a recovery plan much like a doctor charges for a complete physical exam.  In the 5 boroughs our appraisal fee is $250.00 paid at the time of the appraisal.  For areas beyond the 5 boroughs we are glad to quote on these assignments as well.

Below are a few links to things we have done over time as well as our current service offerings;

  • A magazine story regarding an adult child living with and abusing his mother, with his behavior.
  • And Me… The founder of Disaster Masters® & Disposophobia™, Ron Alford.

Got any questions, comments or suggestions?

Please feel free to email me, or call me at 212 724 9225, or for those outside NY, Call me at 1-800-ThePlan (843-7526).

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